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Extend Your Tracking Capabilities


90 Day Battery pack with Hibernation feature

Lithium Ion batteries, combined with a motion sensor hibernation feature that sleeps after 5 minutes of inactivity, packed in a crush proof, water proof, dirt proof custom pelican case, makes this 90 day battery pack a key component to the strength of your GPS Tracking system.

This battery pack also features 50lb magnetic mounts that allow placement on many types of vehicles in covert locations. it's small 5.43 inch size allows placement where other GPS Tracking systems might not fit.

attach this to your construction vehicles, tractor trailers, inside rental equipment (lights, generators, lifts,etc.)

combined with the AGT SMS or GPRS WorldTracker, this battery pack give a great sense of safety and security. by placing a geofence around the vehicle with the GPS Tracker installed, you will instantly know if it is being stolen or maybe used by an employee without authorization.

know where your equipment is at all times. dispatch with ease and confidence.

every couple of months pull the 90 day battery pack and recharge. (4-6 hours per re-charge)

    Dimensions of Battery Pack
    5.43" x 4.06" x 2.12"  (13.8 x 10.3 x 5.4 cm)

    Charger Included. 3.7-volt 1.5amp. Charge time 4 to 6 hours

Two different battery configurations are available with the new pack;
3.7-volt at 7.8 or 15.6 amp per hour.

Pack Type
Constant Power
With Motion Detector
 7 days
60 days
14 days
90 days

All times are approximate and will vary on ambient temperature and number of times the battery is charged. These durations are all with standard usage of 1 location report per hour and an average travel time of 8 hours per day. 


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