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Enduro Pro WorldTracker
Fast, Reliable, Accurate


Possible uses for the Enduro Pro WorldTracker

The Enduro Pro WorldTracker contains a Quad-Band uBlox 6 GPS chipset on 850/900/1800/1900MHz for very reliable worldwide coverage.

One of the most affordable and complete mobile tracking devices on the market today, provides vehicle monitoring, personal safety, security and recovery service.

The Enduro Pro has faster fix times, longer battery life than comparable trackers and great accuracy.

Durable lightweight, water resistant housing.

Connector for external antenna.  

Light wieght
Panic Button for SOS
Motion Sensing capability

smspak Extend  the Enduro Pro WorldTracker
up to 60 days.

Wiith the Optional Battery Pack

It's possible to extend your tracking
up to 6 months longer with this Lithium
Ion battery Pack between charges.f

Advanced Global Tracking System


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